Sochi Toilets : Backstage

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Sochi Toilets : Backstage

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Sochi Toilets : Backstage


You too you can go to the Olympic in Russia… in the “cleaning the toilets” category! Between the well-trained athletes and their many spectators, there is a huge risk that the pipes get clogged if you don’t take these matters into your own hands… just don’t forget to put gloves on. Moreover, the architects have had the superb idea of creating toilets for groups in which some individual now have gotten used to make snowmen… except they’re not made out of snow… Become the champion of cleaning in Sochi Toilets: official game, a game plebiscited by cleaning ladies.Sochi Toilets: official game is a parodic management game in wich you must deal with queues of clients who are in a hurry. Give them a seat before presenting to them a large panel of paper to wipe their behind with. Don’t forget to make them pay before they leave… and to clean their mess while you’re at it… unless the smell doesn’t disturb you.Go through sixty levels and deal with an ever growing mass of clients that are seriously in a hurry. Test your rapidity and your management ability in this arcade like game and help Russia not being famous for its toilets… pretty please?

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